Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Apple stands in the way of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Techies worldwide have been anticipating the launch of the greatly publicized Samsung Galaxy tablet for months. Everyone knows that the Galaxy is Samsungs answer to Apples iPad. Since Samsung decided to venture into this market segment, rivalry between the two has been head on.

This week, rivalry between Samsung and Apple has taken another turn when Apple filed a petition for the Samsung Galaxy Tab launch in Australia to be delayed following another court battle between the two. This time, Apple is accusing Samsung Galaxy tablet 10.1 uses patented technology from Apple.

Bitter rivalry – Apple iPad is said to be copied in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

On the other hand, Samsung is accusing Apple of twisting the facts.
To make the rivalry much more complicated, the two rivals are also good business partners. In fact Apple and Samsung has a $5 billion relationship where Apple buys chips from Samsung
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was just launched in Europe and parts of Asia. For now, iPad is still at the helm of the market.
However, in the early stages of the rollout, it seems that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is in a good position to surpass this. Hence, perhaps the reason why the big legal tussle worldwide

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