Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Making Money Online : An Introduction

In this day an age, to make a living, earn an income and get by the day, one is no longer compelled to step out of his house. Given that he has a computer, an internet connection and a good common sense and the eagerness to learn, he can simply work from home using online ventures.

There are many ways in which one can get a living. Today is just an overview of the ways where people can make a living off the internet. In a later posting, we will then discuss the different types of activities where people can make a living in depth.

1. Trading

Trading these days no longer require us to be present at site and have the stock ready at hand. With online trading, we can sell items to customers over the net without the need for huge stocks and overhead.

2. Stocks

With the stock market equivalent able online, if you have the time you can actually sit at home and monitor the stocks around you and buy and sell accodingly. This is an increasingly popular method for making money online.

3. Advertisements

A common method of making money online would be advertisements. For this, you would need to have your own blog or social networking account so people can park ads at your site. An examples is like churp2 here

4. Freelancing/Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant/ freelancer would be able to get you some money too. Consistently. It's all up to you of how much of time you are willing to allocate. A popular example for freelancing is ODesk

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

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